Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Movies Spring 2017

A Dogs Purpose - My rating **

Sing - My rating ****

Monster Turcks - My rating ** (just not my cuppa)

Beauty and the Beast - My rating ***** (love, love, loved it)

Lego Batman - I did not view this movie

Gold - My rating *** (the ending made it worth watching)

Space Between Us - My rating ***

Logan - My rating **** (yes, I recommend it)

Great Wall - My rating *** (entertaining special effects fighting scenes)

Shack - I did not watch this movie but I thought the book was good.

Last Word - I did not watch this movie

Wilson - My rating *** (Only Harrelson could pull it off)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

February - April 2017 movies available at the library

Moonlight - My Rating ***

Shut in - I did not view this movie

Doctor Strange - I did not view this movie

Man Called Ove - My Rating ****

Allied - My Rating ***

Hell or High Water - My Rating ***

Loving - My Rating ***

Almost Christmas - I did not view this movie

Jackie - My Rating ***

Passenger - My Rating ***

Nocturnal Animals - My Rating *

Live By Night - My Rating ***

Fences - My Rating ** (Play doesn't translate well to screen)

Assassin's Creed - My Rating ***

Fantastic Beasts - My Rating ****

Silence - My Rating **

Star Wars; Rogue One - My Rating **

Lion - My Rating ***

Hidden Figures - My Rating *****

La La Land - My Rating *****

Gold - My Rating **

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oscar picks 2017

I am looking forward to Oscar night are you?  I like to try to pick the winners before Sunday's show. So here goes--
My pick for Best Picture - Hidden Figures
My pick for best Actor - Andrew Garfield for Hacksaw Ridge
My pick for best Actress - Emma Stone for La La Land
My pick for best supporting Actor - Mahershale Ali for Moonlight
My pick for best supporting Actress - Viola Davis for Fences

I really hope those who accept awards keep the political comments to a minimum. I think it is a totally inappropriate forum to express their views and I don't want to hear it.

And yes, I watch the Oscars to see all the pretty dresses too.

Friday, January 27, 2017

December & January 2017 Movies

 I watched this because of Matt Damon but really it was not a great movie. Not any different from the other Bourne movies. In fact which one was this? All I remember is a very long car chase/crash.
My Rating: *
 As a fan of Jason Statham, I can say I would watch it again.
My Rating: ***
 I did not view this movie.
 Umm...No. Too sweet and a really bad English accent.
My Rating: **
 Just Silly and Sad.
My Rating: **
 I did not view this movie. But I did read the book which was very good.
 I did not view this movie.
 Very Good Action Movie.
My Rating: ****
A total tear jerker.
My Rating: ***
Thought it was just OK.
My Rating: **
 Very good
My Rating: ****
This movie didn't get good reviews but I liked it.
My Rating: ***
 A bad remake.
My Rating: *
 As far as remakes go - very good.
My rating: ****
I did not view this movie.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fall movies 2016 now available at the Library

A man raising his family, unplugged from society, comes to the hard realization that isolation may not be the best think for his children.
My Rating: ****
During the civil war a man takes on the Confederate mercenaries, forming his own army of locals both black and white.
My Rating: ****

A documentary about how a family learned to communicate with an autistic child through Disney movies.
My Rating: ****
A couples love surmounts all physical obstacles.
My Rating: I did not view this movie.

Very reminiscent of the old TV series down to the halting humorous speech.
My Rating: ***

Scary believable special effects!
My Rating: ****

As the title says it is the craft of war between two worlds. Fans of the video game will love it.
My Rating: I did not view this movie.

Super heroes are at odds but come together to defeat a common enemy.
My Rating: ***

Monday, October 3, 2016

July and August 2016 movies

Irreverent, bawdy, and foul mouthed. Not even funny.

My rating: *
Yes, very good!

My rating: ****
I thought this movie was boring and one of the worst movies Hanks has been in.

My rating: *
Adult fairy tales. Action, romance, Good vs. Evil and sometimes who you think is evil does something selfless for the good.

My rating: ****
 This one didn't get good reviews but I thought it was Ok.

My rating: ***
Not your Ninja Turtles of the 80"s.

I haven't viewed this movie yet but intend to.

Monday, August 22, 2016

July 2016 Movies

These Movies are available at the Library.

Not as good as the first but it did have its moments here and there.
My favorite line was when the ladies lined up for a photograph they would say "pinch my neck" and they would reach behind each other and squeeze the back of their necks so they would look younger in the photo.

My rating: **
The Divergent story continues, lots of action.

My rating: ***
This movie didn't get good reviews but I thought it was OK.  The villain tries to get rid of superheros by pitting them against each other.

My rating: ***

After losing his wife in an auto accident this man comes to grips by destroying his house... literally.

My rating: *
I wasn't expecting much but I was expecting it to be more humorous.

My rating: **